National Stress Awareness Month: The Healing Power of Horses

Man with a horse in a field at sunset

April is National Stress Awareness Month, and so we ask… How are you truly holding up amidst life’s challenges? In a world where stress often feels like a constant companion, It’s a question worth pondering. It’s important we prioritize our mental well-being and explore avenues of support when needed. Guided by trained professionals, horses can […]

The Importance of a Compelling Narrative

A young woman face to face with a horse in the entrance of a barn

The transformative power of storytelling cannot be understated. Horses for Mental Health is dedicated to amplifying the voices of those transformed through mental health programs involving horses, and we believe that compelling narratives can spark understanding, empathy, and most importantly, action. Social impact organizations, whether nonprofit or for-profit, tackle some of the world’s hardest problems, […]